WW1 Centenary Event

Recently, the LKYPG, partnering with St Aidans Church & Forever Manchester, decided to put on an event that would help to highlight the soldiers that have served in the local area, and we thought that it would be a fitting commemoration, to put on an event that would honor this occasion.

There was WW1 era food, produced by Lesley Lever, we had readings, by both local historians and members of the group, and on top of this, we decided that we would have a separate smaller event to showcase some of the films we have done about that time period.

Overall, feedback was positive, and here we have a short video for you to watch, which will hopefully give you a little insight into how the event went.

Thank you, and keep your eye out for more news soon!

Kersal Boom

The LKYPG have been busy this year, and one of the more exciting projects that we have been running has  been t he Kersal boom heritage project.

This project has one goal, to get the local Young People interested and more knowledgeable about the local area they live in, and to do this, we decided to create a magazine, which will chronicle the 12 sets of flats, that sat at the end of Littleton road, dominating the skyline for 4 decades.

When the flats were in full swing, the community, being a very close knit society in those days, did everything together, and we want to showcase how lives have changed since their inception in the 50’s, right through to their demolition, in the 90’s.

We are working closely with artist Beth Barlow, and Jaqui Carol, to hopefully produce a magazine that will be loved by young and old alike.

We have ran a few sessions so far, and included now are a selection of photographs, showing off the variety of those involved, as well as the number of different activities we have done.

IMG_6563 IMG_6569 IMG_6564 IMG_6532 IMG_6526 IMG_6517 IMG_6515 IMG_6506 IMG_6494 IMG_6442 IMG_6447 IMG_6450 IMG_6468